Free Color Coded Days-off Calendars
for letter carriers

2015 calendars coming soon!

We currently have three styles available plus two smartphone versions and a make-your-own calendar. To see the smartphone versions, go to

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South Central Indiana Branch 828

READ THIS FIRST if you are currently using a calendar from someplace other than this website. (If you are already using our calendars, you can ignore this message.)
Be aware that there is no standard color scheme being used on all calendars for city carriers. Indeed, there are numerous color codes being used on various calendars around the country. Thus, if you have been using a calendar from some other source, the color codes used on this site may not match that calendar. Before using our calendar, compare it to your current calendar to determine the color of your days off on this calendar.

Norm Spence with Branch 908 has a calendar available with a different color scheme on Branch 908’s website. Their website is at Scroll down to the “Articles and General Info” section to find the calendars.


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For a print-quality version of any of our calendars, simply click on the desired style shown below. This will bring up a pdf file of the calendar which you can print or even save to your computer if you wish. These calendars do require Adobe Reader or an equivalent to open. If you don’t have Adobe Reader, click here to get it.

The smartphone versions are simply jpg files that can be saved as photos on your phone. You will need to know your specific phone’s procedures for downloading an image. To go directly to the smartphone versions, go to

One Page 2014 small

Single page (8 1/2 X 11)
Paydays and federal holidays are indicated on calendar.

If your branch is supplying these to your members, we are willing to change the heading for you. Just email us at the above contact email address with the desired information and we will change the heading and email it back to you as a pdf file.

Also still available - 2013 calendar.

Smartphone version: 2013 or 2014


Pocket_2014 small

Wallet calendar
This calendar can be folded in half to fit in a wallet. To keep it from getting worn out before the year is over, it can be laminated with a credit card size (2 1/8 X 3 3/8 inches) laminating pouch.
If you need more than one, either for family members or for your Branch, click here for a file with six calendars per page.
Paydays and federal holidays are indicated.
Also still available - 2013 wallet calendar.

Want us to laminate it for you? Send $0.75 for each wallet calendar to the mailing address above. Make checks payable to NALC Branch 828 MDA Fund. No minimum required, but for 3 or less please include a stamped, self-addressed return envelope.

Smartphone versions: Jan.-June 2014 and July-Dec. 2014 or July-Dec. 2013

Calendar 2014

Regular calendar

Lists paydays and federal holidays with room to write in your own events.

Also see the make-your-own calendar below. It uses the same style as this one.

Also still available - 2013 calendar.


  • Any year
  • Change the days-off color codes to some other scheme or delete them completely.
  • Choose whether or not to indicate paydays. (Paydays need not be postal paydays as long as they are biweekly.) 
  • Can be used for anyone, even non-postal people.

This calendar uses the same style as the regular calendar immediately above. Click here to save the file. After saving the file, double click on it to open it. Go to page 14 (page numbers will be shown on the lower right of your screen) and follow the directions.

(Note: Your browser, particularly if you are using Internet Explorer, may give you a message that this type of file could harm your computer. This is simply because it is an unrecognized executable file. This file is a mini-program file and all program files, such as Microsoft Word, are executable files. It is true such files can contain viruses and other materials that are harmful. We do not recommend that you run such files unless they come from a reliable source. We guarantee that this file is harmless.)

Although every attempt is made to ensure accuracy in all our calendars, no guarantee is made. If any error is found, please report it to us immediately at so we can fix it. You can register your calendars by emailing us and letting us know which calendars you downloaded. We can then notify you if any corrections are made.